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Community Management – Media Bounty’s Top Tips

by Charlotte - November, 2019

Top tips for community management

First things first: community management is content in its own right. Done right, it can breathe life and personality into your brand’s overall perception and online presence, says Charlotte Mason-Mottram.

At Media Bounty, we’re leaders in social-first marketing. In fact, we live and breathe social. All our content is produced with a social media strategy in mind, and how/where consumers engage with it is just as important as the content itself.

Read on to learn a few of our secrets, so you too can be the best…

1. Establish community guidelines

It’s important to build a safe and productive community. Fans should feel safe and comfortable not only engaging with the brand, but taking part in any topical content and potential debates. Without this moderation in place, comments sections can easily turn sour, and even become detrimental to the brand.

2. Be bespoke

Great community management isn’t a copy and paste job. Aim to make each person feel special through the use of personalised language. Don’t be afraid to address users by their first name, and pay attention to the sentiment behind their message. It’s easy to pick up on buzzwords, but try to understand what they’re really saying.

3. Connect with the consumer

Not everyone will appreciate an informal response from a brand. For example, if a customer is looking for a specific answer about a serious concern and has contacted you via direct message, make sure you recognise and match the tone they’ve used.

4. Respond reactively

Not all responses can be pre-planned. In some cases, a reactive GIF is the best form of response. But make sure you understand the context of the comment first.

5. Always follow the TOV

There’s no excuse for drifting away from the tone of your brand. If you can’t maintain a level of consistency, you risk appearing inauthentic.

6. Monitor regularly

If you’re posting a risqué piece of content or a response to a comment, don’t just close your eyes and hope for the best. Monitor these pieces of content closely. Watch as the conversation unfolds. See it gain traction. Even use it as a test and learn for future content.

7. Hero UGC

Responding to user-generated content (UGC) is a great way to encourage what is essentially free content. Reward these users with positive reinforcement, even if it’s just a simple: ‘Thanks for sharing!’ Your fans will no doubt appreciate the recognition.

8. Prioritise by platform

Pay attention to where your audience is most active, and focus your attention on having a strong presence there. If fans are less active on say, Twitter, try to develop ways to build your audience here in the meantime.

9. Strive towards viral

Clients want fame for their brand. It’s the unspoken KPI, the read between the lines of any scope of work. And social media is one of the fastest ways to go viral and be the hot topic, even if just for a day.

10. Take risks

Now don’t get too ahead of yourself, we’re not expecting you to re-brand your entire page and start going completely against social media norms…but taking small risks here and there is a great way to develop fame online and get the recognition your brand deserves.