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How to get a job in a social media agency

by Emma Tozer - October, 2019

Securing a job in a social media agency is no easy task. How do you get a job in social media when it’s so competitive?

Having hired people for agency jobs for the last 20 years+, I can honestly say timing is crucial. Sending a speculative approach is great, but if there’s an agency you have your eye on, follow their social channels to see when they have vacancies. And when they do, covering off these 10 points should stand you in good stead.

Use social media channels yourself. 

Not just Instagram, but all of the main ones, including LinkedIn. Maybe even find a new one and have an opinion on it. Understanding these platforms is a bare minimum requirement. But make sure the publicly available content is professional.

Befriend a local charity or small business and ask if you can help run their social channels.

Or try your hand at being an influencer yourself. Measure your successes and share them. It can also help you test if a career in social media is really for you.

Add some personality to your CV.

Think about the most interesting thing about you – what are you a real geek about? Show us prospective employers that you’re passionate about something. There are some schools of thought that personality has no place on a CV. But, at the end of the day, agencies hire humans that will gel with other humans. You can’t tell that from a list of qualifications.

Indicate what type of opportunity you’re after.

If you’re approaching an agency speculatively, remember to say whether you’re interested in creative, account handling, strategy, insights, or media. Demonstrate you’ve thought about this and indicate why you’ve come to that conclusion.

Go back to (social media) school.

Fortunately there are loads of free resources to help you get to grips with the basics. Try Facebook Blueprint and Twitter Flightschool to get a good grounding. Hootsuite Academy also has some free courses.

Have an opinion about other brands’ social media.

That said, EVERYONE talks about Oatly, Innocent and Nike. Be different.

Tailor your CV to the job you want to get.

There’s fierce competition for jobs in social media, so give yourself the best possible chance and put a different lens on your CV for each organisation you apply to.

Invest time in the accompanying email.

Once upon a time, people wrote covering letters to post out with their CVs. Don’t neglect to do that in email form. It’s your big chance to make a lasting first impression.

Get ahead of the pack.

If you’re graduating and looking for your first job, think ahead. The job market is flooded with candidates in September every year. However much you might not want to think about searching for a job while you’re still studying, the chances of you getting noticed are much higher.

Be confident in an interview and smile.

If you’ve been given an interview you’ve earned the right to be there. Take confidence from that and relax.

As a smaller agency unfortunately we don’t currently have the capacity to offer internships and have concerns about the exploitative way they are often used. However, from time to time we do offer permanent jobs in entry-level positions that are open to people with no formal experience.

If you’re interested in joining a creative social media agency with a conscience drop us an email.