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Social Media Trends 2020: Mystic Media Bounty’s Predictions

by Tommy Lee - December, 2019

As a Leo, my 2020 will be full of energy and stamina. Hogging the limelight, I’m going to be at my creative best. I know. Typical fire sign. All of this is perhaps aided by the worrying-sounding ‘breakdown’ of my relationship. It’s going to be a rollercoaster, but I’m going to be the best damn lion I can be.

In an industry first, we’ve looked into our crystal ball for the year ahead. Here’s Media Bounty’s Big Fat Prediction of the Year for 2020.


92% of corporate documents will start with ‘this is our 2020 vision’.

It’s a good line. A very good line.


The rest of the agency will continue to ask why only Creative get Macs.


A junior employee will say ‘no’ when the boss asks if they can steal the meeting room, testing the agency’s flat organisational structure.


As the industry runs out of original thinking, major agencies begin to offer shitposting as an official service.


Thought starters will officially go back to being called ideas.


Account Managers try, and fail, to avoid clients at Glastonbury. Awkward conversations in Shangri-La after six cans of warm cider.


Office legends clearly mark themselves out by streaming Euro 2020 on their second screen WHILE THEY WORK.


The Olympics will happen. Everyone will post pictures of mad techie stuff in Japan, saying we desperately need it back home. Greggs will launch a sausage roll vending machine. 


For the first time, ‘random members of the public’ in the campaign wrap up video will actually be random members of the public, not just people from the agency that the client hasn’t met.  


Twitter will revert back to the 140 character limit because, quite frankly, people are starting to take the piss.


In order to appeal to younger voters, Donald Trump ditches Twitter for Tik Tok. Lip synching to Party in the USA. Miley Cyrus sues.


I’ll have to write another one of these.

And since you ask, Media Bounty is a Sagittarius (born late November). So instore for us as a business is a healthy boost for our finances. Nice.

Now for the season to eat, be merry, and explain to relatives that ‘copywriter’ has nothing to do with copyright. I can already hear the disappointment.