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Bounty Bites: 2022 in review

In the latest edition of our newsletter, Bounty Bites, we took a look back at the highs and lows of 2022 here at Media Bounty.

Well it’s the year that we realised that the only thing unprecedented, is now precedented times.  

From totally-unforeseen heatwaves, to having more prime ministers than hot, affordable dinners, to Elon Musk… it’s been a lot.  

But we’ve also done a lot. After just turning 14, Media Bounty are bigger and prouder than ever of what we achieved in 2022. In no particular order, here are our best bits…

Look At What We Made  

It was a year where our work got more integrated, more ethical, and more impactful. We’re proud of every one, but some particular highlights… 

Through ACT Climate Labs we educated almost 190 members to improve the effectiveness of climate communications and reduce the impact of misinformation in public sentiment in the UK. 

For Men’s Minds Matter, we launched two pro bono national out of home campaigns – one of which scooped a Drum Out of Home award. The charity has seen an increase in people reaching out to them for help after the campaigns – and have become Magic Mike Live’s charity partner for the year. 

Lee Kum Kee – one of our longest client relationships – asked us to bring The Soy-per Heroes to life in an integrated campaign in support of their new range of soy sauces, as well as some of the old classics.  

We also added Ocean Spray to our client roster, and launched Be Your Berry Best – an ATL creative and media campaign subverting stereotypes and category norms to show their customers in a whole new light.  

And as always, we donated to our charity partner World Land Trust for every campaign we did. For a longer look at what we got up to – head to our Creative Brief profile.  

We’re Going To Need A Bigger, And Potentially Reinforced, Mantelpiece 

Like one England football team, we brought it home on a number of occasions this year. In no particular order… 

There’s a T, E, A and an M in Media Bounty  

Our team lived, breathed and zoomed our values every day. 

Everyone gets five days of paid volunteering, and this year it was put to good use for a wide range of good causes. From Account Manager, Meg, who goes to gigs with people with learning difficulties via Gig Buddies, to Account and Community Manager, Steph, who worked with her local foodbank. 

Representing Media Bounty, ACT and the Conscious Advertising Network, Co-founder Jake and Insights Director Harriet headed to Sharm-El Sheikh for COP27. They spoke on a panel launching a monumental report into climate misinformation, showcasing data gathered from polls across the globe.

And it wouldn’t have escaped your notice, that it was the year where in-person socials didn’t mean shoving a stick up your nostrils for 10-15 seconds. We celebrated accordingly on a number of occasions, all rounded off with our Christmas party at Monopoly Lifesized last week. It will be twelve days of festive disciplinary proceedings for some of the sorer losers. 

That’s All Folks – HERE’S TO 2023 🎉

So among the mess of what’s happening outside, that was 2022. It wasn’t all bad. Big thanks to our people, partners and clients. All of you give us faith that our vision for a better, fairer, more ethical industry is possible. More of the same next year. 

But for now… Baileys. And perhaps a Netflix film where a big city type gets taught the meaning of Christmas by a rugged farmhand.  

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