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Campaign Ad Net Zero Awards winners 2023: Travel & Transport

Featured press: first published in Campaign Magazine.

Campaign Ad Net Zero Awards winners 2023: Travel & Transport
A campaign from ACT Climate Labs (a project powered by Media Bounty) and climate charity Possible, Bump into Brum supports Possible’s ‘Car-Free Cities’ campaign to encourage people to reduce their car usage.

Ethnographic research conducted in Birmingham, including interviews with experts and locals on attitudes towards climate change and car ownership, found that ‘car-free’ terminology had some negative connotations with its audience, who considered it restrictive and impractical. While many climate campaigns ask audiences to make sacrifices for the environment, this creative strategy focused on showcasing the benefits of fewer cars in the street with a hyper-local approach that used trusted messengers from the area.

Four residents were recruited from Handsworth, with their real quotes used to show what they appreciate the most when they leave their cars at home: cleaner air, better health and the ability to socialise with neighbours. It also featured local staples, such as Soho Road, Handsworth Park, and the number 74 bus, to increase the relatability and relevance of the campaign through shared cultural cues.

The results showed significant changes in attitudes and behaviours towards car usage and climate change, with a 40% uplift in people agreeing with the statement “Neighbourhoods should be for people, not cars”.

After the campaign ran, there was a 14% uplift in people agreeing that “having fewer cars is a good idea”.

Of those who recalled the campaign, 66% of people were more likely to consider changing their behaviour to tackle the climate crisis in the next six months.

Learn more about the campaign.

Judge’s comment:

“A strong, local, inspiring campaign that has community at its heart. 66% of those who recalled the campaign considering behaviour change is a good result. The 14% agreeing that having fewer cars is a good idea shows just how much more work there is to do.”


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