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Beyond the Climate Bubble

why words matter

Mastering Sustainability Messaging

Do you struggle to find the words to craft clear and compelling comms on climate? Keen to engage new audiences with your sustainability messaging and grow your market share? Media Bounty's new and exclusive research, “Why words matter: a new way to speak to Brits about climate change” uncovers the language that will engage ‘Persuadables’ with ethical products - a significant 69% of the UK audience that's been largely untapped by sustainable brands.

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green growth

‘Persuadables’ – the key audience for green growth

New research from Media Bounty finds the key to unlocking growth in the sustainable products market is to apply the basic law of how to grow – sell to light buyers. Harriet Kingaby, Co-chair at The Conscious Advertising Network and Florencia Lujani, Strategy Director, Culture & Climate at Media Bounty, outline 10 key recommendations.

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