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Sink or swim: 5 ways to prepare for the ASA’s new greenwashing restrictions

Featured press: first published in The Drum. Legislation changes on the horizon with the UK’s digital markets, competition, and consumer bill and the EU’s green claims directive mean the stakes are getting higher for brands trying to communicate sustainability claims properly. Big companies could face penalties of up to 10% of global turnover, and individual fines of £30,000 (around...

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green growth

‘Persuadables’ – the key audience for green growth

New research from Media Bounty finds the key to unlocking growth in the sustainable products market is to apply the basic law of how to grow – sell to light buyers. Harriet Kingaby, Co-chair at The Conscious Advertising Network and Florencia Lujani, Strategy Director, Culture & Climate at Media Bounty, outline 10 key recommendations.

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