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Our 2023 Impact Report

At a time where governments across the globe are rolling back their commitments, it’s felt more important than ever to be part of a community demanding more from themselves and others. B Corp is a statement of our intent to do better. To be better. And to bring people with us.

In a time of great flux for our industry, we stand steady in the ambitions we’ve had from day one. From our inception in 2008, we’ve been dedicated to a better vision for our industry, our partners and our team. That’s not to say we’re perfect – we’re on a journey as much as anyone else. And rapidly changing industry means complacency is not an option.

In 2023, our ethical focus was in using the talents of a historically problematic industry to shift the dial on climate action and fight for climate truth. Putting advertising’s superpowers – changing hearts and minds – towards building a better future. Whether that means fighting misinformation via ACT Climate Labs, improving our own impact, or driving growth for our likeminded partners.

Putting together our impact report has been a chance for us to reflect on the work we’ve done in the past year – and highlighted the areas where we’ll be working on in 2024.

Jake & Emma, Co-founders, Media Bounty


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