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Our 2022 Impact Report

2022 was a big year for media bounty.

It was the big reveal for us – the year we became a certified B Corp. The point at which we showed the world what we’ve been working away on since our inception in 2008. In short, taking a more ethical approach to business.

We’ve always believed in the power of business for good. We had a charity partner from day one and paid volunteering leave in all our contracts from our inception. But our impact alone is small. We want to inspire change. We want to collaborate with others to maximise our impact. Being proud members of the B Corp community allows us to do just that.

We are not perfect. We are on the journey as much as anyone. But we believe our commitment to treat our people, communities and planet with respect is a good place to start.

Jake & Emma, co-founders, Media Bounty


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