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Mastering Sustainability Messaging: How to engage ‘Persuadables’ on Climate

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On November 29th, we’re hosting a Media Bounty webinar on developing simpler, sharper climate-related messages to engage new audiences with your brand. Get your tickets here.

Do you struggle to find the words to craft clear and compelling comms on climate?

Keen to engage new audiences with your sustainability messaging and grow your market share?

Following the landmark report ‘Beyond the Climate Bubble’, new research by Media Bounty investigates the language, cultural context, values and norms of Persuadable communities.

We’ll be sharing actionable guidance on developing simpler, sharper climate-related messages to engage these audiences with your brand.

Who are ‘The Persuadables’?

These are the 69% of the UK that climate-related comms currently fails to reach.

In the UK, roughly 14% of people are already very engaged in climate issues. 17% are not – and won’t be convinced otherwise.

‘The Persuadables’ are the remaining 69%. This group believes climate change is happening, but right now they’re not too engaged.

Unlocking their underlying support for climate issues presents an opportunity for brands to engage an untapped audience with sustainable products – making reaching this group the key to growth for ethical brands.

Media Bounty is on a mission to improve the effectiveness of climate-related comms to this group, to deliver brand growth and drive action on climate.

Get your tickets here.

About the research

Building on our insights gathered in the North and Midlands, this research covers new ground in Scotland, Wales and the Northeast.

It’s the result of an extended UK research tour, featuring:

  • In-depth interviews with Persuadables across the UK.
  • Expert interviews with professionals, academics and community leaders working with these audiences.
  • Semiotics and place immersion.
  • Ethnography, and more.

About the Speakers

Florencia Lujani, Strategy Director, Media Bounty & ACT Climate Labs

Florencia Lujani leads the strategy for ACT Climate Labs. She started her career 15 years ago working at top creative agencies such as TBWA, Wunderman Thompson, We Are Social, and more. An expert in brand strategy, creative planning, effectiveness, consumer and cultural insights, she has developed strategies and creative campaigns for globally recognised brands and not-for-profits such as YouTube, Friends of the Earth, KitKat, Greenpeace, Chelsea FC, O2, the Olympic Games, and more.

Her work engages mainstream audiences with impactful creativity and smart strategic thinking, increasing the cultural relevance of social issues, changing opinion and behaviour, and driving action. She has won several creativity awards and is a published author.

Harriet Kingaby, Head Insights, Media Bounty, Head of ACT Climate Labs, Co-Founder, The Conscious Advertising Network

A former Mozilla fellow, Harrier delivers insight driven strategy for challenger brands with purpose. Alongside her work as Head of ACT, Harriet is the co-founder of the Conscious Advertising Network. She has recently spoken at Cannes, delivered a TED talk, was named one of Forbes ’43 People Changing Advertising for the Climate’ and is widely considered a global expert in the fight against greenwashing and misinformation.

Get your tickets here.


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