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So, we just got our first proper agency gig….

by Hannah & Lara - May, 2021

Hannah Rendell & Lara Hallam Headshot

Our Mums and Dads are chuffed. New clothes are in our online baskets. And rest assured, the Prosecco has been popped. 

But this all came after a tough year.

We dealt with the contradicting book crits, countless ignored emails, wifi we wanted to throttle and mental LinkedIn “adding sprees”. All this to sift through the agency bullsh*t and find a place to be proud to work at and make a name for ourselves. But even more than that, we wanted to create work that matched our ethical values. However (cue tragic X-Factor sob story music), we find ourselves stuck in the awful limbo generation that is Generation Z. 

Everyone else sees us as the young adults who aren’t interested in anything unless it has an app. Or an automatic feature. Or Harry Styles’ face on it. And whilst some of that is true, a vast majority of us are hugely passionate, and often quite angry, about the state of the planet. We want to save it.

Frustratingly, so many of Generation Z will find themselves with next to no power to make any significant changes. There’s the unspoken feeling that we’re too small, young and useless to join the fight against climate change. How much can two grads, who use iridescent metal straws with cool fabric bags, really change things up?

This is why we jumped at the chance to join Media Bounty.

Joining an agency that devotes so much attention and love to its ethical and environmental goals, and gives us the chance to be heard and make an impact, was something alien to us. Young people being given a voice? WTF!? (move aside imposter syndrome).

We may have only been at Media Bounty for less time than it takes one of the Royals to create a scandal, but we’re already seeing what this agency life is like. The team has made us feel welcome, part of a bigger, creative cause, and a place where we can create disruptive work without compromising our beliefs. 

Our point? Agencies need to step back and listen.

Young people have so much drive for change, give us the chance to do something with it. Our amazing advertising lecturer Andrew Boulton (yes, we may be biased), said in his book ‘Copywriting Is’ that: “great copywriting is being a wink amongst screams”. That’s what we think our generation can be.

So, until Boris is swapped out for Greta, we urge all our fellow advertising grads to not to back down against doing work that goes against your values. You don’t need to abandon ship and change agencies to do it. If enough people in power realise young voices know more about this stuff than Tik Tok, changes can start to be made. 

Just imagine the tides we could turn – literally and metaphorically.