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There needs to be a greater focus on instilling creativity into media

by Taylan Siseci - September, 2021

There’s a misconception that creativity can only exist in creative agencies.

But this couldn’t be further from the truth! There’s some extremely innovative and creative work within the walls of media agencies, and the faster it’s encouraged and normalised, the more widespread it will become. There needs to be a greater focus on instilling creativity into media planners. The effects of this are far greater than a cheaper cost-per-thousand or a more effective click-through rate.

It’s easy to bow down to clients and deliver media plans that comprise of formats that generate the most cost-effective reach that people barely see or recognise. But that’s never what advertising has been about. The more creative media is, the more impactful it is, the more it sticks in the consumer’s mind, and the easier the creative message can be reflected, amplified, and most of all, remembered!

There’s too much focus on performance.

The challenge we’re facing is that the focus on performance is driving the creativity out of media plans. One soulless learning and optimisation at a time. The pace at which we’re focusing on lower-funnel performance metrics directly correlates to the pace at which the flame of creativity is dimming within media agencies.

It is easy to sell in lower-funnel performance-driving media to clients.

The reason this becomes habitual is because numbers and percentages that reinforce recommendations give clients comfort and clarity. What is missing here is the magic of the unknown. The art and beauty of creative media that doesn’t always comply with industry norms, structures and expectations.

Creativity within media doesn’t just exist in the physical or digital canvas used.

Many think that creative media refers to how new or innovative a media channel or format is. While this is true, creativity at its best exists at the heart of the comms plan and centres around the complicated mind of our audience. There is also science behind it – constructed through well-articulated and complex communications frameworks that surround an audience with a communications platform, which is amplified through each and all of our audiences’ receptive senses.

When creative and media work together, magic happens.

All too often, media agencies are battling with creative agencies for client’s love and attention and to be the ‘lead agency’ for their campaigns. Should the communications strategy be built around the creative platform and then amplified by media? Or could you create it through the media strategy and use as a canvas for creative?

That’s not something we need to worry about here.

The beauty of Media Bounty’s integrated approach means media and creative are at the forefront of all the work we produce. Creativity is in mind when we produce media proposals, and media is in mind when we produce creative ideas. We keep the creative team up to date with new and engaging means of connecting with audiences. They keep us up to date with themes they want to explore. Media can and should find creative ways to connect with audiences. And creative can benefit from media that understands it. All that really matters is getting brilliant ideas in front of people, in any form, through any touchpoint.

Media Bounty is a creative agency, first and foremost. So, creativity is in our blood, whether its media, finance, production, or creative!