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Change the Narrative report launches for Advertisers to tackle climate misinformation

by Charlotte Anderson - June, 2021

We don’t want agencies to facilitate the funding of Climate Change misinformation, so as part of the IPA’s Media Charter on tackling climate change, we have launched the advertiser version of Change the Narrative report.

Building on CAN’s misinformation manifesto, this is the first report in the series which aims to help different sectors tackle climate mis/disinformation. It’s suitable for anyone that invests in online advertising and will give you advice on how to:

  • avoid funding climate misinformation
  • disrupt harmful conversations
  • be genuinely brand-safe

Firefighting climate misinformation

Produced in partnership with social media listening tool, Pulsar, and brand safety vendor, Cheq, the report tackles five key issues

  • Changing the Conversation – how to have the conversations you want to have
  • Audiences – how to reach beyond the choir
  • Content & Creativity – how to spread your message like wildfire
  • Distribution – how to be seen and heard
  • Dirty Tactics – fighting back like the others do

Time to take action

Send an email with your name, company and job title* to with the subject line “Change the Narrative Report” to request a copy .

*Your data will only be used to fulfil your request for the report.