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Changing the Narrative: how to win against climate misinformation

by Harriet Kingaby - November, 2020

As a global pandemic rages, we are also living through a ‘pandemic of misinformation’, with huge implications for the climate sector. The digital space is rife with ‘super spreader’ networks of conspiracy theory influencers and far right science-deniers with the tech knowledge to manipulate recommendation algorithms to their advantage. That’s why any communications strategy must work within the digital information environments that exist today, all of which have unique potential for manipulation.

That means that brands, organisations and advertisers aiming to communicate about topics related to climate change need to get adversarial. They must embrace the power of paid media, and diversify their message carriers. This is essential to avoid being drowned out, or out- manoeuvred.

In response, our team of expert researchers and strategists have developed ‘Changing the Narrative’ – a playbook with practical advice for those looking to improve the effectiveness of their online communications about climate. Produced in partnership with social media listening tool, Pulsar, and brand safety vendor, Cheq, the report tackles five key issues:

  • Changing the Conversation – how to have the conversations you want to have
  • Audiences – how to reach beyond the choir
  • Content & Creativity – how to spread your message like wildfire
  • Distribution – how to be seen and heard
  • Dirty Tactics – fighting back like the others do

Firefighting climate misinformation

The climate communications sector will go through a test of fire in the context of COP26, the UN’s critical, global climate change summit, which PR strategies alone cannot address. For example, did you know?:

  • There is an intrinsic link between climate denial and coronavirus misinformation.
  • Climate denial has strong links to the far right.
  • Misinformation spreads through our online spaces and platforms quicker than truth.
  • Advertising funds climate misinformation and hate speech.
  • Reptilian overlords control the earth. (Just kidding, but some people believe they do)

The report also contains information for advertisers. This includes how to avoid funding climate misinformation, disrupt harmful conversations, and be genuinely brand-safe in such strange times.

Send an email with your name, company and job title* to with the subject line “Change the Narrative Report” to request a copy of the full 100-page report. It will help you to:

  • Cut through the noise to create content which reaches new audiences online
  • Disrupt climate misinformation and take on deniers
  • Build climate positive brands which consumers love
  • Ensure your advertising isn’t funding climate denial and disinformation
  • Be one step ahead of the deniers, conspiracy theorists and high-carbon PR masterminds

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