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In-house vs. Outsourced Social Media Management

by Charlotte Mason-Mottram - February, 2020

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It doesn’t take a rocket scientist (or even a social media manager) to understand that being relevant, present and most importantly active on social media should be high on your list of priorities as a business.

The Social Media Tossup

Making the right choice for ways to manage this, however, can be difficult. Brands will face a crucial tossup in deciding whether to take care of their business’ channels in-house, or to hand over the responsibility to a social media agency.

As a savvy social media agency, we know that outsourcing your social media marketing to a self-proclaimed savvy social media agency can be somewhat intimidating. Whether it’s the unknowns of the agency world, or simply the vast array of social media marketing services that are available, we can understand the hesitancy.

So, why go with a Social Media Agency?

We know there are reasons as to why a client may choose to retain this responsibility, one being that they are often protective over the brand and its identity (as you should be), and perhaps most notably: the brand’s TOV (tone of voice). After all, who would want to risk appearing inconsistent and inauthentic online?

But as a business owner or brand manager with an already-long list of daily responsibilities, writing tweets and posting photos to Instagram probably isn’t top of your to-do list.

That’s why hiring a seasoned social media manager or community manager can be a great investment and will help strengthen your business’ online presence.

Here are five specific benefits to working with a specialist social media agency:


  • While it may seem like a great use of resource to get an existing employee to pitch in with social media efforts, as the saying goes: leave it to the experts.
  • A seasoned community manager will be active and posting at times that are thoughtful rather than random while executing a strategic plan to get the most out of your social presence.

  • That’s right, we’re more experienced than you. By hiring a professional social media agency, you can be confident time and resources are being spent efficiently.

  • We’ll be freeing up your time to focus on other projects and business-y bits.

  • There’s nothing worse than looking up a brand online, only to find that their social media channels haven’t been updated since 2015.
  • One of our community managers will post consistently on all relevant platforms. And they’ll know exactly what type of content will be best received on each channel.

  • The untapped treasure-trove of social media marketing. Many people don’t realise that social media can also be used as a customer service tool. That includes responding to messages and measuring brand sentiment.
  • When you’re too busy responding to emails, a dedicated community manager will be responsible for handling social media messages and comments. That way you won’t risk neglecting your customers or leaving them waiting too long for your response.

Which social media marketing services do Media Bounty offer?

  • Audience insights & trend spotting: using a mix of powerful social listening tools, and analytics, macros trends and micro audience conversations, to find out what your audiences are really saying about you and your competition.
  • Strategy: we create social-first strategies that are as unique as your brand.
  • Creative: our award-winning team will deliver work as brave as you are. From Facebook to LinkedIn, we know how to create scroll-stopping videos, animated posts, graphics and other media.
  • Delivery: Content calendars, scheduling, influencer strategy and community management. We can be involved as much or as little as you’d like us to be. It’s your call.
  • Media: Did you know we’re helping reduce digital ad fraud and protect our clients’ brands by responsibly buying and placing their media? Our transparent approach means any rebates and commissions are passed back to you.

We’ll raise your Brand or Business properly

If you’re launching a new brand, you’re bound to be a little more protective over its online presence and much-anticipated growth online.

Think of it as your baby. Then picture this (not quite so graphically): the birth of a brand’s Facebook Page. We, as your social media agency, will take on the role of delivering everything for you. That means  you can do less of the pushing and more of the benefit-reaping of owning a newborn brand.

We’ll be there to watch as it grows and to nourish it with the love and attention it needs. Yes, we’re still talking about your brand!  See Media Bounty’s Community Management Top Tips

Take The Meatless Farm, for example. We launched an unknown, new-born brand into the UK market and then watched as it soared after leaving the nest.

Everything our community managers do during their daily checks is done in what we call The CM (community management) Zone. If you were to be a fly-on-the-wall, you’d see that these eager beavers are fiercely checking each channel. They leave behind their body and morph into the brand as every response is typed out (ok, maybe that’s a liiiiittle extreme).

If you’re not quite following, put it this way: we’ll be with you on the journey. From launch, through to management, and finally establishment

Still unsure?

Have a chat with one of our friendly community managers…they don’t bite! Call us on 0207 260 2600.