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Media Bounty supports Rewriting Extinction campaign to protect endangered species, forever

by Charlotte Anderson - June, 2021

Media Bounty is proud to have been chosen as the creative partner, handling the brand identity and naming, for the launch of Rewriting Extinction, a 12-month campaign to save as many species from extinction as possible. Bringing together 300 contributors and 7 major environmental charities, the campaign using comics as its method of engaging the widest possible public. It is supported by celebrities, artists, collaborators and influencers including Jane Goodall, Ricky Gervais, Taiki Waititi, Luisa Neubauer, Sir Lenny Henry and the McCartney family amongst many others. The first comic has been created by Cara Delevingne.

Rewriting Extinction is a global movement founded by Emmy-nominated Producer and Writer Paul Goodenough. Over the next 12 months, online comics will be released in addition to a printed anthology published by DK Publishing, with the mission of raising funds for the following charities: Greenpeace, Born Free, The Wildlife Trusts, Reserva YLT, Re:wild, Rewilding Europe, World Land Trust.

By achieving the Donation Milestones collected on the website, each of the charity partners will bring to life a set of projects that provide permanent solutions to save specific species around the world. Projects include purchasing critically threatened habitats in the rainforests, actions taken to protect our oceans, rewilding territories, preventing poaching and ecocide. Through educating and empowering the public to share the causes, change their lifestyles, sign petitions and donate, this is one of the most comprehensive and powerful environmental campaigns to date.

Founder Paul Goodenough said: “200 species go extinct every day. That just can’t go on. But right now, world-changing projects are underway that will solve the problems and put the world back into recovery. The sad thing is the general public have never heard of them, so the projects never get the funding or awareness they need.

We’re here to change that. We’re here to simplifying environmentalism and give simple, easy and empowering actions that everyone can take – directly from our comics. So, whether it’s donating to a project, or changing hearts and minds, we’ve devoted 12 months of our lives to sorting this out once and for all.”

Charlie Bennett, Head of Client Services at Media Bounty said: “We have worked with partner charities for over 10 years and have often seen the commercial model of the sector encourage siloed communication that preaches to the choir. So, it has been incredibly exciting to collaborate on a brief that calls for integrated strategy, far-reaching creative appeal and tangible outcomes. This pioneering project combines wildlife superpowers to defeat a common villain.”

You can donate to Rewriting Extinction here and follow on Instagram and Facebook.