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Social media in times of crisis: Tips for managing your brand

by Emma Tozer - March, 2020

We have no idea what the long-term impact of COVID-19 will be on our industry, but we do know that in times of crisis we need to focus on business as usual, as best we can. Brands need to consider how to navigate these challenging times. People rely on social media to get them through and we encourage you not to turn your back on them. Social media strategy has always worked best when it’s focused on what your audience needs, so now is a good time to show you’re paying attention.


It’s important to remember your social MO…why are you on social in the first place? Whether it’s to be genuinely helpful, to entertain, or to sell, take a moment to consider your content strategy over the coming weeks and months. What does your audience need right now – can you genuinely help them?


We’re navigating uncharted waters, and no-one knows what lies ahead. From a brand TOV point of view, honesty and empathy will not only help strengthen your employer brand but will also earn the respect of the consumer. If in doubt, ask someone outside of your business for a temperature check.


Albert Einstein said: “in the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity”. Now is the time to eliminate distractions and work together to a common goal. Can you use this time to look at adapting your offer or developing new propositions?


As local communities come together to support each another, why shouldn’t brands? Think #YorkshireTeaGate and the responses from KFC, PG Tips and Kelloggs – C’mon Community Managers, let’s spread the love for one another and give some virtual (sanitised) high-fives!


Humans are attracted to what is familiar. That means brand consistency and a sense of normalcy are reassuring at the most basic level. If you’ve spent time building a meaningful relationship with your customers, don’t abandon them in times of uncertainty.


Amidst the scaremongering and misinformation circulating, there’s an opportunity to spark joy. We’re definitely not saying we should make light of what’s happening in the world, but humour in the face of adversity is part of human nature. Mark Twain said: “laughter is humanity’s only effective weapon” – we should remember this in the coming weeks and months.

If you’re looking for some guidance on how your brand should be acting on social drop us a line. We’ve got your back.