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Media Bounty staff drinking only water for WaterAid

by Sarah McManus - January, 2017

Media Bounty staff drinking only water for WaterAid

WaterAid Challenge







After the excess of the Christmas break, many will have chosen to do ‘Dry January,’ challenging themselves to drink no alcohol whatsoever for a month. People doing a dry January will typically raise money for charity, so as a company that likes to give something back, we’re fully supportive of any staff who take up the challenge.

However, two of our members of staff have embarked on a challenge that takes Dry January one step further. The WaterAid challenge tasks its participants with cutting out every single beverage except water. That’s right, even the morning cup of coffee is off limits! If participants cave in and drink something other than water, they have to pay a £15 ‘fine’ to WaterAid.

For the uninitiated, WaterAid is a charity that aims to deliver clean and safe water to the 650 million people worldwide who have no access to clean drinking water. It’s a great cause, and one we’re glad our staff are supporting. We had a chat with them about how their challenges are going so far, so read on to find out what it’s like to have a month where you only drink water.

Lou King – Head of Content

So why did you decide to undertake the challenge?

I just think it’s a decent way to detox, while raising money for a great cause. I cannot believe that in this day and age 650 million people around the world still don’t have access to safe drinking water. That is nuts, and change is needed.

Have your colleagues been supportive?

Yes. Not a glass of prosecco in sight…

Is WaterAid a charity that’s particularly close to your heart for any reason?

It wasn’t before I started this challenge, but getting involved has opened my eyes to all the great work the charity is doing.

Three weeks in, what drinks are you missing the most?

Tea, green tea, coffee, red wine, prosecco, ginger beer and rum. It varies depending on the time of day and the environment.

You can pay a fine to have a non-water drink. Have you used this yet?

I’m saving mine for a party weekend, and the company social towards the end of January. I haven’t caved in yet though!

What will your first drink be on the 1st of February?

Maybe a green smoothie? I feel like it should be something as healthy as water, otherwise I may fly!

Where can people donate to WaterAid on your behalf?

Thanks Lou!


Kara Bridson – Designer

What inspired you to take on the WaterAid challenge?

I’d never tackled dry January before, so I thought I’d throw myself in at the deep end… excuse the pun.

Have your workmates been supportive so far?

Yes, very! They’ll often get me cups of water when doing the tea round.

Is WaterAid a charity that you had a previous connection with?

I sign up to show my support to WaterAid every year at Glastonbury Festival, and I also worked the WaterAid tent there one year, giving out free bags. I got a free ticket in return – not bad!

How are you finding it?

Er… it’s super easy during the week. (I may have had to donate £15 quite recently…)

Have you had to pay a fine yet?

Um… unfortunately yes. I had troppo vino on Saturday. Not my fault… totally peer-pressured. VERY weak!

What are you looking forward to drinking on the 1st of February?

Prosecco. Obvs.

Where can people donate to WaterAid to support your challenge?

Thanks Kara!

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