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Social and Content Strategy for the Long-Term

Our long-term partnership with Bodyform has seen us formulate a social and content strategy that curates the best content and creates genuine conversations – all to support Bodyform’s unique positioning.


In 2014, period brands were seen as cheesy and out-of-touch. TV ads featured blue liquid poured onto pads in clinical settings along with sky-diving women in tight white trousers. It was time for change. There was an opportunity to tap into real insights to give Bodyform a truly unique voice.


Purely and simply, we listened. And we used this insight to create a social tone-of-voice that resonated with our audience.

Then…we joined the conversation.

We created discussions that tapped into the issues of the day and continue to do so. By collecting and curating user-generated content to bring the brand back down-to-earth, we celebrate the growing voice of our community.


We’ve created a long-term social outreach programme that really means something to the community. It also delivers measurable results. So much so that Bodyform moved all advertising spend from TV to digital in 2016.

The social outreach programme includes partnerships with the likes of illustrator Gemma Correll, which allow us to create genuinely ‘thumb-stopping’ content.


Bodyform is the only brand with long-term growth in a declining market (volume and value). Meanwhile, the Ipsos metric ‘Understands me as a woman’ has been improving year-on-year since 2014.