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Building a social strategy through deep insight

Listening to consumers and building a social strategy to make Spanish wine more accessible.


The wine category is crowded and – in general – is made up of ‘those-who-know’ and ‘those-who-don’t’. As a result we identified a gap between the everyday, affordable, straight-talking brands and the premium, exclusive and inaccessible heritage brands.


We embarked upon a social listening project to understand the discussion around Spanish wine, and wine more generally. We looked at motivations, associations and tone of conversation to understand the value we could offer to those looking for a premium yet affordable drinking experience. In particular, we explored how the brand’s Basque heritage could provide us with a unique point of difference.


A social strategy based on creating an online version of the Basque txoko tradition – encouraging people to come together to enjoy food and wine. Our tone was inclusive, inspirational and down-to-earth, without a hint of snobbery.


A new creative platform is now live across all UK platforms. Watch this space!