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Oxford Street

Driving footfall with a targeted & optimised media plan

A highly targeted and continually optimised media plan helped Oxford Street to reconnect Londoners with the wonders of our most famous high street.


Online shopping is fast over-taking high street shopping across all categories. But it’s just not the same as the high street. All too often you get tricked into clicking an offer, only to find your size isn’t available. Or you buy something that doesn’t quite live up to the images online.


A quick show of hands will prove that we’ve all encountered an online shopping disaster. So we created the #Confashionals campaign to encourage shoppers to share their confessions, before providing them with tips on how this could’ve been avoided by shopping on Oxford Street.


An interactive social campaign building engagement and sharing footfall-driving ‘insider tips’ to help shoppers to negotiate the crowds. With a tight budget, success relied on a highly targeted and continually optimised media plan, focusing on re-engaging disillusioned London shoppers.


We achieved 214% over-delivery on our engagement KPI, as well as 9.2k new fans in six weeks, while the reach was 918k.