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Empowering women via a brand relaunch

Supporting the biggest relaunch in the brand’s history by bringing the global ‘Live Fearless’ positioning to life with a truly integrated campaign.


Prior to the campaign there had been little marketing activity for some time. Bodyform ‘Live Fearless’ was to be the biggest relaunch in the brand’s history.


The campaign aimed to empower women to achieve their goals, without letting fear hold them back.  Live Fearless was a global communications initiative, but to bring the brand re-launch to life for a UK audience,  we developed a fully integrated 360° campaign.


The hub of the Live Fearless campaign in the UK, which was the landing pad for all other activity. Primarily this was housed on Facebook, with a competition app and a sample request app.

We also produced a 4-minute long video featuring real women, recruited via Bodyform’s social media pages.  It showed three women being interviewed about the things in life they’d always wanted to do but been too afraid to try.  Their reactions were then filmed as we offered them the chance to Live Fearless and confront their fears there and then.


The campaign broke records with one of the lowest Cost Per View rates the media buying agency had ever seen. But most significantly, sales increased.