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RADA Business

From the stage to the screen: helping RADA Business adapt to the pandemic


If anyone knows how to deal with star quality – it’s the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. So it’s apt that they would pick Media Bounty to run the digital ad campaign for their corporate training arm, RADA Business.


They take the techniques taught to their drama students, and apply them in a business context. From personal impact to persuasive presentations, they offer group training and one-on-one tutoring to make you a better communicator at work.


But ‘group’ became a bit of a dirty word last year (this couldn’t be an agency case study written in 2021 without mentioning COVID, could it?).


When the virus hit, RADA’s whole business model had to be turned upside down overnight.


And so, their Virtual Stage programme was born. The same lessons that used to be face-to-face, now online. Plus, extra courses to help you thrive in the video call age. All offering timely, practical advice that people at every step of the corporate ladder were hungry for. Like how to convincingly disguise a yawn while your boss is speaking, for example.




The brief was to create a digital ad campaign to support their new services and improve brand awareness. As people desperately googled how they can kill it on group calls, we were (and still are) there with ads to drive sign ups.


Campaigns were built around PPC, search and display ads. Through our close work with RADA’s internal SEO team, we provided an integrated approach. This means we didn’t cannibalise organic brand traffic already covered by SEO.


Success was centred on seamless coverage of the digital journey. Display is all about generating clicks and forming brand awareness, and the combination of paid search and SEO picks up the consideration stage of the digital funnel later on. Retargeting campaigns cover what happens post-sale and are allowing us to build lookalike audiences.


LinkedIn content also plays a key role in recruiting new students in the B2B segment – with images given a distinctive branded frame. Copy is heavily influenced by the keywords that we know attract people to the courses.




Since we started in September 2020, traffic has skyrocketed.


Our display ads outperformed the 3-month traffic forecast based on the previous year’s performance in just 17 days – with a total over-delivery of 215% compared to target.


We also improved their average click-through rate by 476% year-on-year, and total clicks by 248% year-on-year. A performance any of their graduates would be proud of.


And the best thing is, the work is still on-going, and the numbers keep on rising.


Is this a satisfied client I see before me? Absolutely.


That’s a sophisticated Shakespeare gag, btw.