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KIND UK on TikTok

KIND is a snack brand with a difference. Nice, nutty, chocolatey bars – yes. But they’re much more than that.

At the core of their brand purpose is a major focus on community and the idea that small acts of kindness can change the world. They walk the walk as much as they talk the talk – and it’s been our job to bring this to life across a number of channels since 2018.




They came to us in January 2021 wanting to drive awareness beyond snacking circles, with a particular focus on fitness and wellbeing.

And, they challenged us to try something new – TikTok. Their (and our) first campaign on the platform.

So, we jumped head-first into the deep end. The team had to quickly gain back-of-their-hand knowledge of how to navigate the world of dancing teenagers and feta pastas. They got to work setting up audiences and testing and learning to optimise content, making sure the campaign was working properly, effectively and efficiently.



We got the client’s content in front of a lot of new eyeballs – with 8.5 million impressions. We also sent them to the right places – with 92k clicks through to the KIND website where they could connect with fitness instructors, and buy product.

Our click-through-rate was an impressive 1.07%, with a cost-per-click of £0.08. Our CPM was £0.88 – way below the industry benchmark of £1.19.

The nuts, if we do say so ourselves.