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Shaking up the on-trade and off-trade with an integrated marketing strategy

Building a brand beyond Sambuca with an integrated marketing strategy.


Luxardo had, historically, relied on Sambuca sales in the UK. As a extremely commoditised shot-based drink, brand-building activity around Sambuca had little impact. The brand had, however, a genuinely interesting heritage. And bartenders LOVE having a story to tell while they pour, mix and shake a cocktail.


Luxardo is an Italian, family-run business, so we decided it was time to welcome others to LA FAMIGLIA. We rallied bartenders to help us to expand our community. Not only did we tell the brand’s unique story, we encouraged others to join us in shaping the future.


The first phase was trade engagement. For this we devised a large scale cocktail competition, with the grand finale filmed in Padua, the home of Luxardo. Then phase two involved direct-to-consumer content to encourage consideration in both on- and off-trade environments.


Limoncello sales have seen an 18% year-on-year increase. Sales of the cherry portfolio have increased 78% year-on-year. And Luxardo is enjoying brand growth for the first time in 4 years.