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Tackling (more) taboos with Bodyform’s #Wombstories

In July 2020, we worked with Bodyform on our boldest campaign together yet: #wombstories.


The multi-channel project confronts a damaging code of conduct that women live with every day: one that dictates what they should – and shouldn’t – feel about their bodies. The reality is, there isn’t one tidy biological timeline that women live by. Society’s schedule of puberty, pregnancy, menopause just doesn’t apply to so many. But this isn’t something we talk about. This needs to change.


While everyone (quite rightly) talked about the TV ad, our role was to keep the conversation going online. We managed a social-first campaign, including an influencer programme and ongoing community management. Social listening and sentiment analysis helped us map out the opportunities and consider the challenges so our timing and tone was always on point.


There’s a time and a place to ‘act like a brand’ and a time and a place to act like a friend. At a brand level, we believe it’s important to tackle the big problems and not challenge or pass judgement on individual behaviour. Our second-natured understanding of Bodyform meant we knew exactly what we should, and shouldn’t, talk about – and when. We identified potential trigger points and created moments in time for natural, unforced discussion, using open-ended questions on the issues raised. Always sensitive. Never afraid to talk taboos.


We teamed up with carefully selected paid influencers. Each had their own authentic story, and offered value with their highly-engaged audience. They helped us reach new consumers and promoted our message further. Content included asking them to share their own #wombstories and encouraging their followers to do the same, whilst also directing people to the longform ad on YouTube. Some great stories were shared from the likes of @goodlucknic, @chaneensalie, @thetittygritty, @thesmithstory and more.




23.6k new followers

4.8m reach

6.1m impressions


76% positive brand sentiment towards brand campaign (Brandwatch)

100% of team members welling up watching the ad for the first (and second) time



‘Media Bounty has solidified itself as the marketing department for the Bodyform brand. Their extensive work has won awards from marketing magazines, and their passion is readily apparent. The team’s commitment and attentiveness to every detail have allowed this long-term partnership to prosper’

 Traci Baxter, Marketing Manager, Bodyform