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FACT Dialogue

Designing the visual identity for a governmental body to make worldwide trade fairer

FACT Dialogue is a new governmental initiative that brings key countries together to work towards sustainable food supply chains. It’s headed by Alok Sharma MP – the President of the upcoming COP26 conference in November and Lord Zac Goldsmith – Nature champion for COP26.


Media Bounty were briefed to create the visual identity for the initiative ahead of its launch.

They needed something that stands out – something so big, so bold and so colourful that humans and politicians would actually take notice of it.


We carried out a heist from art history. Borrowing bits of Matisse, Picasso and Calder, for illustrations inspired by people and their interaction with nature. The result is a range of interchangeable abstract vector backgrounds that can be used across a number of touchpoints. From YouTube idents to PowerPoint decks, from business cards to billboards. They’d look terrific on a tote bag, too.

And then there’s the logo.

We created something that reflects nature, without looking like everyone else – so we steered clear of green. Picking instead the earthy, autumnal tones of orange and yellow. The leaf and bubble bring together the key elements of dialogue and the environment.

The work got its first public airing at FACT Dialogue’s YouTube launch event. Attended by dignitaries and bigwigs from around the world, it even included a cameo from Chic’s Nile Rodgers.

So we have, in a way, opened for one of the greatest musicians of all time. Just another day in the home office.