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Crackd, the no-egg egg

Meet the egg that’s made, not laid.

Media Bounty were approached by Noble Foods in 2019 – way back when the new normal would have sounded mental - to launch their first foray into the vegan market – a plant-based liquid egg replacement.

We worked with the brand from initial product idea, to shop shelf and beyond. Our remit covered creating content for VOD, social and their website, media strategy, channel planning, as well as help with branding.


The Work

Building on our experience of launching Meatless Farm, we knew what it takes to introduce a brand-new brand into a brand-new market.

Yes. We know that vegans are vegans for environmental and ethical reasons. But what really gets them excited, is food. Simple.

Our research showed that in the journey from carnivore to herbivore, eggs are usually the last thing to go. Mostly down to the fact that there just isn’t a good alternative available in the shops. And no, aquafaba does not count. It’s rubbish.


We also discovered that CRACKD isn’t just  for vegans. There is a massive community of people who are allergic to eggs. Finally – they could know the euphoric feeling of nabbing the last Yorkshire Pudding.

Enter the saviour - The No-Egg Egg.


We worked with chefs from top vegan restaurants to create recipe videos that showed the product is more than a substitute – it’s a proper ingredient to make food worth cooking. Cookies. Cakes. Brownies, and more. Videos were shot in COVID-friendly shoots at restaurants including London’s En Root. They were broadcast across social, YouTube and VOD (ITV).

We also used reviews from enthusiastic home chefs who loved the product. And we’re proud to say we solved the    omelette crisis of 2020. 


The Website

We were in charge of the development of their website – designing the template and writing all the copy after setting a quirky, distinctive tone of voice. All without a single  terrible egg-based pun. Cracking!

Visually, the packaging became a springboard for an eye-catching and eye-keeping house style – massively contrasted to the minimalist blanding of so many competitors.