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Rewriting Extinction:

comic books to save the planet

Rewriting Extinction is a storytelling project with one aim: to save as many animals from extinction as possible.

It raises funds and awareness to protect indigenous land, reintroduce animals back into the wild and safeguard over 500 species.

It’s a partnership of seven different charities, including World Land Trust – Media Bounty’s charity partner. A number of celebs and creative legends have contributed – including Ricky Gervais, Cara Delevingne and Taiki Waititi.

Rewriting Extinction’s Founder, Writer and Producer Paul Goodenough, chose us as their creative partner. 

We were responsible for naming, logo design, branding, launch toolkit, comms toolkit and the launch comms plan.


The Name

The project had the initial name of The Most Important Comic Book on Earth. 

Apt? Yes. Long? Also yes. 

So we set out to make it shorter, pithier, but still evocative of the campaign's aims. 

We explored every possibility under the sun. From Ending Pending to Fossils aren’t Fluffy, before landing on…

Rewriting Extinction.

It represents the protest spirit at the core of the campaign. It's active. And most importantly, it's positive. It speaks of an optimistic future where we can change the fate of the animal kingdom.


The Visual Identity

We needed something that blended the visual tropes and style of comic books, with the spirit of protest at the project’s core.

The campaign is fuelled by individual activists working together – illustrated by the combination of different handwritten fonts in the logo.

And it works perfectly across a number of branded assets.


Why it worked

The idea of a comic book full of shockingly too-true tales already had such great potential to make a real impact.

Our history, our ethos and our passion meant that it was right up Media Bounty’s street.