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ROC Skincare On Social

RoC is a Paris-based skincare brand. They were the first to stabilise Retinol for daily use, and are the choice of dermatologists the world over.

They pride themselves on an ethos of we prove our promises.  In an industry overflowing with hyperbole, baseless claims and downright lies, that sets them apart.

Speaking as a company also in an industry overflowing with hyperbole, baseless claims and downright lies, it’s a perfect fit.

 We’ve worked with the brand since June 2020, with a remit covering creative production, influencer strategy and content briefing, campaign optimisation, reporting, paid media management, media buying, Search and PPC. All over four markets around Europe.


The Work 


To celebrate their reintroduction into the European market, we launched into a hyper-targeted, hyper-strategic, hyper-beautiful campaign. All with the aim of getting their creams and serums on new faces across the UK, France, Italy and Spain.


On Social

Using subtle design elements, we represent the brand’s proud heritage, in a typically Parisian, understated way.

For copy, key product claims and reasons to buy had to be front and centre – always – but never losing personality.

Everything has to have that… je ne sais quoi (it means something in French… we don’t know what.)


Beauty is nothing without the brains

It’s not just  about gorgeous creative. We had to show it to the right people, at the right time, in the right places.

So that’s what we did.

After a successful test, leveraged paid media. We rolled out a mix of social ads on Facebook and Instagram, as well as paid influencer activations, promoting products in the UK, France, Italy and Spain. 


PPC and Search

We used an integrated social and search strategy, with PPC supporting social launches. Audience findings informed work across other channels.