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What I learned… in hurricane relief in the Bahamas, with Media Bounty’s Jake Dubbins

Jake Dubbins is managing director at ethical creative agency Media Bounty and co-founder of the Conscious Advertising Network. Ethics and climate are a big part of what he does now, but you might be surprised to find that, not too long ago, he spent a few years with his metaphorical boots on the ground, working with Bahamian citizens to prepare for catastrophic hurricanes. We chatted with him about some of the weirder parts of that story, and how they’ve stuck with him.

So, these days it’s creative agencies and conscious advertising – how did you end up in the Bahamas?

That was a crazy time in my life. I was 27, I had just left an agency and had split up with a long-term girlfriend and went traveling in Australia on my own, surfing for a couple of months.

When I came home, I was thinking of moving to Australia but got offered a role by a former PR boss of mine for certain parts of the year in the Bahamas, working in hurricane preparedness. I thought, ‘I’m single, this is an opportunity to do something different…’ so I ended up going to the Bahamas for three years during hurricane seasons.


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