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We believe it’s our role to reduce digital ad fraud and work to protect your brand’s reputation.

That’s why we use our technology partner Fenestra to ensure your media placement is trackable and complies with the standards of the Conscious Advertising Network.

Our transparent media approach also means any rebates and commissions are passed back to you.

For brands looking to measure their carbon footprint, we use the IPA’s Carbon Calculator tool to calculate the carbon that is emitted from our proposed media activity. Each media plan will consider ways to reduce carbon and includes the cost needed if you would like to offset unavoidable emissions. There is no obligation but we believe it’s important to give you that option and would recommend it. 

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We believe when choosing a media buying agency you should always ensure quality, effectiveness and transparency.

You can do this by asking three simple questions:

– Does my media buying agency have a neutral planning approach, with no incentives to encourage the use of one media channel over another?
– Will they be able to share all delivery data for the campaign duration, to ensure both reach and visibility KPIs were adhered to?
– Are they going to reinvest all negotiated discounts back into the campaign budget?

At Media Bounty we are proud to work alongside the Conscious Advertising Network (CAN) with our very own Jake Dubbins as co-chair. This ensures we continue to grow our credentials as providers of quality, effective and transparent media buying. This is also reflected in our partners, who include Good Loop and IOTEC. Of course we work with all the major players too, including Facebook, Google and Amazon, in the most transparent and ethical way possible.

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